Cyber Santa
by Robin Snow

Twas eight days before Christmas
And Santa was pacing
"something's not right here"
Which got his mind racing.

Business was slower
The economy was tight
"but that shouldn't affect me,
You know, this just ain't right."

"I've been watching these children
Most have been nice."
But, Santa's mailbox had been empty
He checked it DAILY more than TWICE!

"Do they know that I'm here?
Do they believe in me at all?
I know Robin does,
I'll give her a call."

He told her his story,
And gave her his plight,
She listened intently,
Then said with delight.

"Santa, you need the web
Yes indeed.
We'll put you on dial-up
Since you can't have high-speed."

"You'll need some domains,
Hold on, let me check.
How 'bout

"We've got
Why not get all of them?"
And Santa said, "YES!"

Robin ordered the domains
Got Santa's email working.
While Charles quickly made a website,
'cause he knew children were surfing.

Santa waited with patience
(remember-he's on dial-up)
But, sure enough
The e-mails began to pile-up!

There were letters from
Sandy, Aileen and Wesley,
A LONG one from Bob,
More from Paul, Don and Jeffrey.

Terry, Eric and Scott,
And both Chris G and Chris L,
Butch, Brendan and Robin,
And here's one from Michael.

"I'm back in business"
Santa exclaimed with joy.
For now he had heard
From the BNI girls and boys.

"Thank you CharlesWorks,
You've been so helpful
I'm back in business.
And I'm ever so grateful."

With a wink of his eye,
And a nod of his head.
Santa now knew
He had nothing to dread.

Robin heard him exclaim
Before they said their good-byes.
"Merry Christmas to all
Of you at BNI."

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